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"...a keen sense of aesthetics has earned Frankel an A-list following."

-LA Confidential

Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty
Historic Lasky Clinic is located in Beverly Hills, California USA.

The Lasky Clinic

Elegance and comfort in the heart of Beverly Hills

The Lasky Clinic lives up to its reputation as one of the world's premiere facilities for cosmetic surgery. Our elite group of surgeons is supported by an experienced team to deliver naturally elegant results and state-of-the-art patient care. Historic Lasky Clinic is the oldest free-standing ambulatory surgery center in all of Los Angeles. It has maintained a reputation of excellence among the world's most prominent and influential people since its inception in 1980.

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The rhinoplasty procedure is designed to improve the overall appearance of the nose. Dr. Andrew Frankel is a rhinoplasty surgeon in Beverly Hills who is an expert in both primary and revision rhinoplasty.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Dr. Frankel is revision rhinoplasty specialist located in Beverly Hills and servicing the entire Los Angeles area. Correcting a bad nose job requires an experienced facial plastic surgeon.

Types of Rhinoplasty

In addition to Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty, Dr. Frankel specializes in nose jobs of all kinds. From Ethnic Rhinoplasty to Adolescent Rhinoplasty.

Hollywood Consultant

Special Effects Consultant

Hollywood Rhinoplasty Consultant

Dr. Frankel serves as a consultant for a Hollywood special effects company. Dr. Frankel interacts directly with the special effects team and provides them an authentic, scientific perspective based on his expertise on facial aging and anatomy in order to make actors look younger, older or better in a realistic fashion. Dr. Frankel's work includes some of the amazing effects seen on such acclaimed films as "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", "The Departed", "Babel", "X-Men III", and "Jack and Jill" as well as various television commercials. Dr. Frankel's work was recently featured on a television series on the Science Channel called "Science of the Movies".

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