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Enhance Beauty, Elevate Confidence with Lip Lifts

As age advances, the space between our upper lip and nose can elongate, altering our facial features and letting wrinkles take center stage. However, there’s a solution right in the heart of Beverly Hills. An upper lip lift performed by a skilled facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Andrew Frankel can reignite the flame of youthfulness in your appearance.

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Youthful Appearance

Achieve harmonious facial features, refining the shape and contours of your mouth.

Enhanced Proportions

Correct disproportionate spaces and achieve a harmonious balance between your nose and mouth.

Boosted Confidence

With a subtle yet impactful change, feel even prouder when you look in the mirror or pose for a photo.

Minimally invasive lip lift in Beverly Hills under local anesthesia

The Lip Lift Procedure

Since it is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure, the lip lift is performed under local anesthesia. This surgical procedure is especially well-executed by those with extensive experience. The operation is relatively simple to perform but requires great attention to detail, meticulous technique, and experience.

The patient is marked and measured precisely to create the design for the strip of skin that will be removed from under the nose. An incision is created in the natural crease at the base of the nose, and the skin is excised, undermined, then advanced and secured in place.

Personalized lip lift consultation in Beverly Hills by Dr. Frankel

Lip Lift: Consultation and Planning

Dr. Frankel individualizes every patient’s care. He invests the time to fully understand patient expectations, learn complete history, evaluate the inside and outside of the nose, and take digital images. At your initial consultation, Dr. Frankel will discuss the cosmetic and functional expectations of your surgery in detail to ensure all your questions are answered.

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*Each patient is unique and individual results may vary.


Why Choose Lip Lift Surgery?

Beyond its ability to offer an enhanced appearance, the injectable treatment has limitations that the lip lift surgery can address. The face, especially the region around the lips, often stands as the focal point in first impressions, and subtle changes can have a profound impact on one’s appearance. Here’s why many women and men are opting for upper lip enhancement surgery:

Aging and Lip Ptosis (Sagging)

With time, like other parts of the face, the upper lip can experience sagging or drooping. This phenomenon is termed “lip ptosis.” As one age, collagen production decreases, skin loses its elasticity, and the distance between the nose and the upper lip may lengthen. This can give an older, often tired appearance. A lip lift surgery can counteract this by shortening the philtrum, lifting the lip, and revealing more of the upper teeth, contributing to a more youthful look.

Genetic or Congenital Factors

Some individuals naturally have a longer philtrum or a less pronounced upper lip curve due to genetics. This could make the upper lip appear less prominent or fuller compared to the rest of their facial features. In these cases, an upper lip enhancement can provide balance and proportion, harmonizing the lips with the rest of the face.

Correction of Previous Surgeries or Trauma

Accidents, trauma, or even previous cosmetic procedures can sometimes result in scarring, asymmetry, or other undesired outcomes around the mouth area. A lift lip can be a corrective procedure in these scenarios, rectifying any imbalances, and restoring a more natural appearance.

Desire for Aesthetic Enhancement and Facial Harmony

Beauty standards evolve, and a fuller, more defined upper lip has become synonymous with youthful vitality and allure. For some, this surgery isn’t about correcting any perceived flaws but enhancing what they already have. A lip lift can provide a subtle yet impactful boost, elevating the upper lip, creating a slight upturn, and achieving a coveted cupid’s bow shape. This not only enhances the lips but also promotes overall facial harmony.


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Preparation & Expectations of Lip Lift Procedure

Preparation for Lip Lift

If you are having cheek reduction as a stand alone procedure under local anesthesia, there is very little preoperative preparation required. If you are having anesthesia for your procedure then your board certified plastic surgeon will provide specific instructions. Other than a list of counter pain medications and supplements to avoid there is little preparation necessary.

Prior to a lip lift, patients should avoid blood-thinning medications and supplements, cease smoking, and maintain a healthy diet for optimal healing. A thorough consultation will assess suitability and set realistic expectations. It’s crucial to arrange for post-procedure transportation and assistance.

Length of Lip Lift treatment

Length of Lip Lift treatment

Lip lift Beverly Hills takes approximately one and a half hours to complete.

A lip lift typically is performed under local anesthesia, possibly with sedation. The procedure involves precise incisions and careful suturing, focusing on minimal scarring and natural aesthetics. Patients usually return home the same day, following a brief recovery monitoring period.

Recovery time from Lip Lift treatment

Recovery time from Lip Lift treatment

The first several days after a lip lift there will be swelling and distortion to the lip.

The smile will feel strange and stiff and many patients become a bit anxious about what they are seeing.

The sutures will be removed on day six and usually things will begin to normalize and people can return to their social and work lives around the ninth day.

Because the surgery requires many deep sutures there may be some small surface irregularities as they dissolve over time.

Lip Lift Aftercare

A moderate degree of swelling is typical for the first seventy two hours after a lip lift. This can be controlled with ice packs. Pain relievers can also assist in minimizing any mild pain that might arise.

A small amount of bruising may be present, but will fade in less than a week. Any pain or discomfort may be able to be controlled with medication to minimize pain.

Sutures will be removed six days following surgery.

Want to understand more about what to expect on the day of surgery?

Lip Lift Procedure FAQs

Who is an Ideal Candidate for a Lip Lift?

Ideal candidates are those seeking to improve the appearance of a long upper lip or enhance lip shape. Good overall health and realistic expectations are important when considering lip lift for men and women.

Do I need to stop using lip fillers before undergoing a lip lift surgery?

Yes, it’s generally recommended to let lip fillers dissolve or metabolically break down before undergoing a lip lift. Having fillers in place might distort the natural anatomy, potentially leading to less predictable surgical outcomes. Most surgeons would advise waiting at least 6 months after the last filler injection before considering a lip lift. However, always consult with your chosen surgeon for personalized advice about lip fillers and lip lifts.

Is a lip lift reversible? If I don’t like the results, can it be undone?

A lip lift is not easily reversible. While some adjustments can be made in the event of dissatisfaction, completely reverting to the original state is challenging due to the removal of skin and tissue during the initial surgery. This underscores the importance of thorough consultations, setting realistic expectations, and choosing an experienced surgeon. In cases of dissatisfaction, it’s essential to discuss your concerns with your surgeon to explore potential corrective measures.

Will There Be Visible Scarring?

Scarring is minimal and typically concealed under the nose. It fades significantly over time and can be further minimized with proper care.

What is the average cost of a lip lift surgery?

The cost of a lip lift surgery can vary based on a multitude of factors, such as the surgeon’s experience, the region or country where the procedure is performed, and the specific technique chosen. It’s best to consult with individual clinics or surgeons for a tailored estimate as prices can fluctuate widely. Additionally, remember to consider potential extra costs like consultations, anesthesia, and post-operative care when budgeting for the procedure.

Is the Procedure Painful?

Discomfort is minimal. Local anesthesia is used to ensure a comfortable experience, and post-procedure pain is typically managed with prescribed or over-the-counter pain relief.

What is a lip lift?

A lip lift is a surgical approach to improve the aesthetics of the face and mouth. The procedure involves removing some tissue from under the nose, and thus shortening and everting the upper lip. The outcome improves the balance of the face, and creates a fuller, more youthful-looking mouth. Lip lift surgery takes approximately 90 minutes, is done under local anesthesia, and not associated with a painful recovery. Not everyone is a candidate for this procedure and Dr. Frankel carefully weighs the pros and cons before making a decision.

What should I expect during my lip lift consultation?

A lip lift consultation will include a discussion of your medical history and any medications or substances you are using. It is important to disclose any drug allergies you may have and other procedures that have been performed in the past.

Dr. Frankel will want to know what you would like to achieve with the lip lift procedure. He will discuss your options with you. Your lips will be examined and measurements will be taken. Photographs for your medical records may also be produced.

Can I continue taking my medication prior to a lip lift?

You will be provided with a list of pre-op instructions. You will be required to stop taking aspirin or other blood-thinning medications two weeks before surgery, as these can lead to issues with bleeding and clotting.

In addition, if you smoke, you must discontinue smoking at least three weeks prior to surgery. Cease all forms of nicotine, as well as vaping. Nicotine reduces blood flow to the skin, compromises healing, and jeopardizes a healthy result. If you have a history of cold sores then it is advisable that you begin taking Valtrex three days before the surgery.

What happens during a lip lift procedure?

A lip lift is a minimally invasive procedure, requiring only local anesthesia. The procedure is fairly simple, but requires an artistic eye to achieve desirable results. The techniques used during the procedure are largely dependent on the goals of the patient and whether he/she wants to increase volume or show more of the red part of the lip. Filler injections can be used to add volume.

Incisions for lip lifts are made at the base of the nose to shorten the area above the upper lip and raise the lip to a more pleasing position. The upper lip is shortened and appears fuller after a wing-shaped area of skin is removed and closed with sutures. Sometimes this procedure is referred to as a subnasal lift.

Some surgical techniques used by Dr. Frankel also involve incisions inside of the lip or above the corners of the mouth.

How long does a lip lift take?

Times for cosmetic surgery procedures vary from patient to patient. A lip lift can take as little as 30 minutes, but is typically 90 minutes.

What can I expect during recovery following a lip lift?

Expect lips to be very swollen for approximately ten days. The remainder of the acute swelling will typically resolve within two weeks.

You can wear makeup on your lips, but avoid under the base of the nose where the incision is for ten days. You may return to full activities two weeks after surgery. Your lips may feel firm for the first several weeks, but this will resolve as full healing occurs. Absolutely avoid sun exposure for six weeks after surgery.

How long does it take to fully recover?

Most patients recover from the acute effects of a lip lift procedure after seven days, but it may take up to 14 months for things to begin to optimize. Patients must remember to use sun protection regularly to preserve the outcome of their procedure.

What risks and complications can arise from a lip lift?

Dr. Frankel will perform your surgery safely and with the utmost care in order to obtain the best possible results. However, every surgery does have possible risks and complications. One such risk is an uneven, asymmetrical shape or more teeth exposure than intended. Numbness or sensory changes may be felt for some time following the procedure. Scarring can also be more prominent than desired. Infection is rare, but a possibility.

Will my insurance cover a lip lift?

Lip lifts are typically considered cosmetic and not covered by medical insurance. Inquire about financing options with your doctor.

What lip lift office is near me?

If you live near Beverly Hills, CA, DR. Andrew Frankel, offers lip lift among its services and is conveniently located at 201 S Lasky Dr Beverly Hills, CA 90212.